Social Things#1—-tribe selection, IBM presentation & chatting experience collection

london-housing-homelessness副本.jpg       ⇐  ♥ It’s my tribe : )

Today, we have a presentation session of research for Physical Computing project with two IBM members, to show what is your tribe, what did you do for this project so far? and get some feedback from IBM and Nicolas as well. As the beginning of my Physical Computing project,  I need find a tribe first, exploring them and thinking about how can they communicate with tech. My starting point is homeless, actually, I just talked to them twice after I arrived in London, the first time was in February this year, I was doing my Speculative Design project at that moment, which is about something of pigeons, to be honesty, I haven’t recognized the people sating on the bench and feeding crows is a homeless, then I just greeted him and had a short interview to him in order to know more things about his ideas of pigeons and how he treats them. Another thing is that just happened two days ago, on the way to my home, I saw a homeless sating at the corner of the street and was leaning on the wall. He looked really angry, was throwing cans and roaring towards pedestrians. This time, I prayed for him and hope he calm down immediately. The reason why I choose this kind of tribe is, I don’t think so that we are different with homeless, they need much more care, but why they should be ignored?

Then, Alex ( One of my friend from London Economic School, he applied the programme that to be a volunteer for homeless at All Sours Church for next whole year. To be honest, I was inspired by this programme. ) suggested me positively talking to the homeless and share food with them. Further more, my best friend reminded me do not viewing the process of the talk as a kind of transaction, do not obtaining your research by food. The homeless is not a kind of creatures of trade, they are human and we are same, so they should need talk, need social, need everything that we need. (Although I never do that.) Thank you for the help of your guys.

After that, every time when I meet homeless, I always greeted and chat with them, to my surprise, I was really shocked by their leaping habit of thinking, and that was funny for enjoying the whole process of experience of jumping topics. By the way, as a high sense of humor people, it brings so much pleasure to me, and I’ve to say, I’m really enjoy that.

Here’s some notes below recording each talk.

08/03/16   St James’s Park 4pm
  • It’s my first time talked with a homeless who was feeding crowns with peanut and he comes here everyday, but he dislikes pigeons because they are vermin and eat everything, and massive. That looked like a real chat with my friend, we knew some information about each other.
17/05/16   Shaven grandmother 7pm, & lighting man at 7:30, Bethnal Green 
  • It’s the first time I chat with homeless after I decided my tribe for Physical Computing Project. The first reflection of mine was buying hot food for homeless when I saw them at the exit of the tube station. So I quickly went into McDonald’s and came back, with all of courage, I spoke to her, ‘Hi, you okay? Let’s have a lunch (here’s a mistake for I was really nervous, it should be dinner ) together’. Shaven (homeless) didn’t mind what I said, just respond that ‘Thank you, I’m so hungry’ without any expression. It’s the first meal within 3 days. She’s alone (her partner got ill in brain) right now, without any children. In evening, she just find some places close to the tube station for sleeping. The Policy of UK does nothing. Some people give her clothes, buy food or give some change directly. About religion, she is going to believe god because many people talked about god to her.
  • XXX stood in front of Sainsbury at Bethnal green, I saw he lighted the smoke for a man who just shopping at Sainsbury, I haven’t recognise he is a homeless, I thought he is a friend of the shopping man. When I passing him, he stretch out hands towards me: ‘ Im really hungry and gonna a hot meal but Ive no idea with only f**king 7 pence, Could you give me £5?’ I laughed and gave him £3. He shook my hand with British gentle greet.
18/05/16   lighting man  10:00 am & wheel chair man  1:55 pm Elephant & Castle                         
  • Its at the same shop with last night, I met the lighting man again, I greeted him, obviously, he’s already recognise me, although, I wear different cloth. ‘ I got nothing today, come here.’,but I was so hurry to school, that run away.
  • wheel chair man  1:55 pm Elephant & Castle                                                                                               Asking smoke for pedestrians without any expression, but when I greeted him, he became much more happier and started to play flute. Sleeping in buildings around elephant & Castle station at night. Love music and smoke. I guaranteed I will take my smoke for him tomorrow. He was really cheerful about that and put his palms devoutly together. However, another day when I came there, he wasn’t here. So do I need to believe something?
  • Sitting man 3:45 pm Bethnal Green, Passing him, then went back and shared a piece of biscuit. Response: ‘thank you have a nice day.’ no expression. 
21/05/16   Umbrella man, Euston station square, 4 pm, Rainy & Cup woman, Stratford, 8 pm
  • I greeted him with a tennis pat in my hand, the response of him was really actively and looked much more happier after I greeted him. I was really emotional because it was really cold and rainy, he sat on the wet ground and took a umbrella, that’s his home, and he may upset or disappointed about this, the wet ground may make him uncomfortable, but he has not bring this negative mood to pedestrians, he still live with whole passion. He smelled me and talked with me about my tennis pat. What a really funny and lovely guy. Finally, he said ‘thanks darling’, and threw me and my friend a kiss.
  • Cup woman sat at the corner of  Morrison’s, when I was walking by and say hello to her, she just stretched out her hand with a paper cup to me and the voice ‘give me change please’. Unfortunately, I had no cash with me at that moment, so I tried to say something else to her, obviously, she continued focus on money but without any interests talking with me, maybe she was really hungry.
23/05/16   A clever man, Bethnal Green station, 5 pm
  • The clever man told me that pedestrians are really clever, you can see they just passing me but nobody response me, they ignore me because they are clever. What’s more, he experimented through asking time to them and illustrated what he said. I was moved why he has such a strong heart and told me everything with smell. God Bless you.
24/05/16   Wheel chair man again, Elephant & Castle, 7 pm & Chicken man, Bethnal Green, 8 pm
  • It’s so lucky today and I met wheel chair man again, but he slept whole day that I have no chance talk to him, luckily, when I left school, he woke and was in a daze, so I rushed towards him immediately. I asked him why not put change into his pocket when he was sleeping. He told me people may put change on his keen when sleeping. We just talked two minutes, he looked still tired and sleepy, and hidden him face into a blanket and slept again.
  • Chicken man was sating at entrance of Sainsbury and ate a bag of chicken. I greeted him and asked if he is in everyday. He affirmative answer. The reason why I haven’t seen him before was he always walked around and change places for sleeping. That made me think about are homeless always or prefer walk around an area or block rather than stay at the same place all the time? Is it just personal or general? He asked me if I can buy a bag of peanut for him. Actually I never noticed before, so I said ‘I will do that if I find it’. When I came out, he’s left already. I did not blame and complain him, but was thinking about trust between human. I was not sure I must buy the peanut. So the information that I offered to him was not determinate and he was not sure I would buy it, and I was not sure he must wait for me. Why there is something between us result in we could not totally believe each other, although I initiatively greeted him first. Homeless may protect themselves this way. I am not sure about that. So, I am going to participate the volunteer programme from All Souls church and know more things about them further.  : )