Evaluation and reflection of FMP

For the final major project, to be honest, it’s better than the project of last unit–physical computing. In this project, I had lots of challenges and learnt a lot as well. For the project, I communicated my idea through myth stuff. Last night is the Private View of the whole exhibition at London College of Communication.

During the process of this project, I learnt how to bring something and applicate to my discipline, tried 3d workshop and learnt how to use cinema 4D software, and knew more things about anxieties.

However, I saw disadvantages through this project. The ability of time management is really poor, I am not actually know how to make a timetable and plan something, that I have not assign time well for blog updated, portfolio, thesis, project documentation and project development. I was really tired when I worked at 3D workshop, every day when I went back home, I was too tired to do anything except sleeping. I spent so much time at workshops; Although I always could find some interesting starting points but no ideas how to develop them well and completely. About the part of research, I did primary research too much but second research, I have not read some articles about anxieties from social medias like webs and newspapers. I am also lack of the ability of induction and summarising, I am not really know how to pick main points from the pile of research and re-construct them.

About the degree show, at the beginning when I introduced my project to the audience, I am not sure, maybe I said too much so that audience lost their patience…I should describe them within 4 sentences if they want to know more detail, I try to explain more to them in order to make it more clear, but audiences skip me and directly saw the description of the project; for the title of the project, I should explain the phrase, what is ‘gig economy’, but I did not, so that some audience did not know what is ‘gig economy’. Although I have an audio for the audience, but I always forgot it because I just focus on the eye-contact with the audience but the headphone. Another thing is, all of the objects of the project are tangible, but the audience did not put them up and just bowing themselves to have a look. I forgot to tell them touching these objects, rubbing them to get luck, that will be more similar to the starting point of the project and express the meaning of lucky charms well. For next step, I will research myth culture and develop my project further and more complete.

Evaluation and reflection of FMP

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