Final objects display and reflection

After working at 3d-workshop and digital space for 3 and a half weeks, I finished my works. Tired but enjoy blood, sweat and tear, but I am really enjoying the process at this moment. Although 3d is not easy, 3d printing always makes me collapse. Finally, I really love 3d models, whatever modifying or building, 3d-model making is one of my favorite and most excited parts during the process of my project. All of my printed objects are really small, that are lucky charms for gig economy — 4 classes of people, in order to bring good luck to them. Finally, I got 4 objects and an audio as well, which includes some funny things from all of my experience of chatting with Uber drivers and Deliveroo riders, and was edited by me. I am really really really tired and sleepy now…. come back soon….


To be honest, I really like this project. However, without any experience about 3d printing, I spent too much time on 3d workshop and research. I stayed at workshop for almost a month and every day after arriving at home, I was too tired to do anything except sleeping. Because of lacking knowledge of 3d printing and CNC router, I should do some research about how 3d printer works, how to prepare the 3d file of models, what kind of requirement of 3d files, how long does 3d printing take…so that I can save time to document all evidence well. Furthermore, I was not good at making a time table and following it. Although some of my coursemates taught me how to make it and I actually made one, but I always self-indulgence so that I was not really strictly following time table, but that brought me a sense of guilty, I was entangled with guilty so that I felt really anxious and reduce the efficiency of working. That is a really bad habit and is the further thing I need to overcome.

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Final objects display and reflection

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