Welcome back to my diary about Uber taking again. I’ve to say, sometimes, Uber taking’s not easy, especially at WechatIMG1.jpegsome crowded places with heavy traffic. That’s really difficult to drivers finding you and you find drivers as well. However, this terrible thing happened twice today before I arrived at uni. After these journeys were cancelled by drivers, I found this guy. After talking with him during the journey, I know more things about Uber.

He was from The West Affric, as a Uber driver as his second job, and he told me if he’s not a permanent residence, he can’t get the Uber licence. Mini cabs can’t have any advertisement on them because of government policy, but black taxis can. The companies of these advertisements will pay for The government, the government controls black taxis and drivers as well and tell them what to do or not to do. That’s too controllable. So the licences of Black drivers which were got from the government, are different from Uber driver licences. However, for the black taxi drivers, they could not decide what to do because they work with the government, but for Uber drivers, they are much more flexible, that’s why the government swipes and fights Uber. That makes me associated with my last journey, the driver also believes that this job is flexible. For the job, Uber will take 20% of each income. Similarly, the government will take some part of income from black taxis. If you would like to join the black taxi, you must finish three years training and knowledge frame before you get that, but for Uber drivers, you just need to have your driving licence and driving experience for three years. Then I showed him my ritual objects for him and hung it on him a smart mirror. He really likes the 3D car models, which are a mirror hanging lucky charm in the car and a tissue box. That are the lucky charms for Uber drivers who were from West Affric. He’s looking forward to getting a new one that I will print later.

img_2087-copy untitled-3img_2095-copy

Finally, I finished my journey and felt really nice.


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