Social Things#8—–testing 2

It’s rainy day, but so lucky today! With Gareth’s help, Mp3 trigger works now again. Thanks, Gareth! To be honest, I spent so much time on trigger cause it’s a little faulty like distance sensor. Unfortunately, I use both of them together this time for Physical Computing project. The problems of trigger is, it could not work through receive signal from Arduino, but by switch. It’s really wired. So Gareth helped me to make trigger worked by another approach, that’s not receive signal from Arduino, but use Arduino as a kind of output with each pin for each track, and make different tracks play through low signal. Gareth also spend so much time on it for support me. That was really amazing!

Sorry, guys, go back to the project. So, I took it with me outside, testing it and collected some feedback and reflection from pedestrians. Firstly, I chose piccadilly circus, cause so many people there and I thought it’s easy to get feedback there. Here’s the notes. I saw a woman was relying on the wall and sat on the street. As usual, I greeted her, but she looked upset. I doubt about that and she just replied me she’s a homeless (hold on, hold on, I knew that okay? I can see okay? It’s not the reason made you loook upset okay?). As a high sense of humor person, I said’ but you get the whole ground of London as your home, you should happy about that….(sorry, forgive me please, I always joking, but I am serious today, huhhuh,unbelievable…). She smelled and told me she just sleep here, at this place she’s relying right now but seldom, like one or two days, just live in the Airbnb, and the cheapest room is just around £44( so affluent, isn’t it? huhhh,lol). I asked her why not find a job cause she looks really young, she said she need clean up herself first(Is that a real reason? why not do that at Airbnb). I tried to introduce my installation to her and showed how it works, I said ‘let’s play game together'(maybe she dislike to play game with me or no mood and no energy play with me), but she expressed a little bit interests, and asked me show it. She laughed but just last few seconds (maybe these tracks are stupid, like barking, baby crying, bombing and blast, puppy, so tricky, but she said interesting, is that really interesting? hehehh). At the whole process of sounds played, nobody stop(or maybe I was so close to the homeless) because the track never played completely, just kept at the beginning of the track but not go through. It was not stable for tracks playing, but one senior couple stared at the Mcdonalds’ paper bag and lasted around 15 seconds with security. Unfortunately, the woman asked me leave maybe I bother her too much time and my installation didn’t help her get more money or get more sympathy from the pedestrians. One thing I am really confused about, why less people give money to homeless when I talking to homeless? So pedestrians never dislike homeless but me—an asian face? huhhh joking time, sorry. So, maybe, I was really impact them get much more money from pedestrians, I am really sorry about that.

I walked around from Piccadilly Circus to Oxford Circus, luckily, I found him, who is a 25-year-old( really young…..sorry, he’s older than me hhhhlol ) elder brother from Lincoln, at the place that close to Tottenham Court Road station. What I was moved most is that he hold the umbrella for him dog but not himself. 1副本副本副本.jpgHe was taking care his dog when I greeted him. He said he’s 25 right now, but he’s his dog over 10 years from 15-year-old, and his female dog’s 17 right now. He just arrived in London 6 weeks, but he know so many things here. He said ‘human always stupid, and they never know what kind of things they really need and never know saving money, like me, I never take drug, but most of homeless take them and it’s really so easy to get drug here. Although there are so many temptation in the world, but we should have clear goals. So, I am affluent than them right now. I am finding a room to live next week and after that I am able to have opportunity to find a job, cause no job for people without room and no job for people live on the street.’ What a guy with positive value life. What’s more important, he’s a christian,’ you help other, that others’ll help you; you smell, the world smell.’ That’s really make me emotional. About smoke, he prefer toast tobacco, and cigarette has much more chemical than tobacco, so tobacco is a little bit healthier. About policy, he likes Chinese’s except that each family purely allow to have one child. I told him, government’s already change it that there’s no limitation for babies in one family right now. He really dislike some country, the government asks people earn money money money. He said the minimum wage in London is £7.5/h, so if you got that you can live, if you wanna much more, just spend more time on it. When I introduced my installation for him and told him it’s will help him get more money. He looked excited and really interested in. He was so excited that held the speaker and requested pedestrians to stop and listen. Although not everyone wanna stop, but some of them try to stop and see, so the installation still attracted some.

屏幕快照 2016-06-17 19.27.29副本.jpg 屏幕快照 2016-06-17 19.28.06副本.jpg 屏幕快照 2016-06-17 19.29.56.jpg屏幕快照 2016-06-17 20.13.55.png 屏幕快照 2016-06-17 20.12.36副本副本.jpg 屏幕快照 2016-06-17 20.05.22副本.jpg

Unfortunately, he got less money when I talking with him, and impacted he got much more money from the pedestrians, but he never mind and said he’s got enough money for today already. Thank you, youngster. Hope you have a nice future. what I was really confused about why I impacted homeless to get more money…..(I wanna be a homeless with Vera, homeless is so affluent than me….in order to carry on my project and develop it further, I’m going to be or not to be a homeless with my buddy Vera, and earn money by the way huhh lol…I am really expected that, to be continued…)



Social Things#8—–testing 2

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