Social things#3— prototype 2

After emoji icon, I was thinking about how to attract people through sounds. I heart that when the homeless takes pets like dogs or cats, or some of them take babies with them, people may give more money to the homeless and more sympathize with them. It sounds really interesting, but I need to check it that all right. So I interviewed some pedestrians and asked them why, most of them said if homeless takes babies or pets, they are not only need to take care themselves, but also others. So pedestrians’ll give pets and babies everything. To be honest, I was a little bit sad when I got the answer, the homeless gets less attention and sympathy than their pets and babies. By the way, add two piece of notes for primary research here.

31/05/16 Sainsbury & Holborn station, 5 pm
  • I saw a man in front of the Sainsbury with his dog. I greeted him and asked where was the dog from, and he just relied dog’s from public. He looked not really pleasure during the period I talked with him.
  • A man just sat and relied on the wall, but he became much more happier after I greeted him. He told me he’s from East Europe and the hometown is close to Romania. In the evening, he just find some building near by Holborn for sleeping. He also asked some information about me. However, I was so confused about when I asked him if someone sit down and talk with you like me, is that will make you happy or not, but he just ‘I don’t mind that, and that’s find, not too bad.’ like that. So, is that means, communication is not really necessary for him? or maybe he can talk to himself. For me, I always soliloquy, but if I only speak to myself over 10 years, I must be mad.  I am really interested in if they really want to talk with us or not.

           to be continued…

Okay, let’s go back to the prototype. At the beginning, I am going to use Max/msp to control the sound, but the Mp3 trigger is much more better. I use Arduino sends signal to control trigger in order to randomly play different tracks, and use distance sensor deciding when these tracks need play, and because of interview I mentioned before, I put three different tracks which are puppy sound, baby crying and barking. I could not ensure each homeless takes babies or pets, but I can use sound of them to attract people.

IMG_9047副本.jpg IMG_9055副本.jpg IMG_9056副本.jpg IMG_9060副本.jpg

IMG_9062副本.jpg IMG_9065副本.jpg IMG_9067副本.jpg IMG_9069副本.jpg

Here’s the prototype of the installation. I made it works this wednesday, but why I was going to put it outside and test directly, make everything outside without any container or package to protect them. That was really crazy! I wanna know what kind of things in my brain T^T. Fortunately, I started think about how to hidden everything two days after. First, I tried use this red on to hidden everything. It’s a plastic package of sensors collection. It’s tiny and light, and easy to take anywhere, but it doesn’t make sense. When I imagine this box lying in front of homeless, nobody’ll understand it, and it’s not really working for homeless. Then I was thinking about what kind of containers are better. I noticed the take away box in the canteen of London College of Communication. It’s a good choice I think. So I set up everything in it and made two holes for the sensor so that it could work. Finally, I made that lunch box for homeless and it should be making sense. I was really happy about that, but I was not sure it that normal or wired. In order to know more things about lunch box, I searched online and browsed variety of lunch boxes for homeless, and paper bags are really normal and typical for homeless. Inspired by those bags, I decided using paper bag of McDonald’s replacing the box. It should much more make sense in the context of homeless sits on the street. Here’s some examples of lunch boxes blew.

walmart-group-photo-2副本.jpg  sack lunches 5 - small副本.jpg  hashtag-lunchbag-crr-04副本.jpg


Luckily, I made my prototype of lunch box for homeless like this. For next step, I am going to test it outside, just put it in front of the homeless and see what happend, and record all of the reflection from pedestrians and use it to make a video. Get some feedback from homeless and pedestrians and test it if these tracks really attract the attention of people or not, in order to develop it further. What’s more, I need test what kind of sound attract people most and make them stop, baby crying? puppy sound? or barking? or none of them? How can I find a way that attract people most? To be continued…




Prototype 2 : )



Social things#3— prototype 2

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