Social Things#2— prototype1

After talking with massive rough sleepers, I am thinking about if communicate exists between homeless or between homeless and pedestrians, and why people seldom stop to talk with them, on the other hand, why they can not greet to pedestrians first, just like a brief introduction of themselves. With the suggestion of Nicolas, I started to design a talking programme that the homeless pick any 10 minutes of whole day and decide by themselves, introducing to pedestrians and make friends with them. With these 10 minutes, the homeless will hold a paper with ‘I’m Tonny’. I also prepare an installation to help pedestrians talk with homeless, that linking Arduino and Max/msp, and use Arduino to control the distance sensor, Max to control the audio of introduction of homeless. When people passing by, the audio will run automatically, with’ Hey guys, I am Tonny, here’s a 10 minutes talk for anyone. Any talks? Anyone?’ After talking with one person, the homeless will give an emoji icon to him/her,as a kind of gift, expressing the motion of homeless. The main point is communication.

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The image blew is about how to give feedback with these six aspects.


I got some feedback from course-mates with yellow ( positive ), green ( creativity ), red ( feeling ) and black ( negative ) aspects. At the aspects of positive and creativity, they thought it a kind of direct and clear approach to help homeless expressing their emotion because they have no energy to express it, and use emoji as a way of communication has a huge possibility. As the aspects of feeling, they said, to start a conversation is a really big step for them; Although the tribe need help, but it’s much more better to think the real feeling of that tribe; Why would homeless people will use it? The negative is how to make the pedestrians stop, they may be in hurry, so if they don’t care about homeless at the beginning, it will make homeless more upset, what’s more, emojis are often viewed as a quiet, flioant? and a throw away expression, so it may be simply ignored.

After all of the feedback, I was thinking about how to attract the attention of pedestrians and make them stop. One of my course-mate advised me to use sonic pi and raspberry pi making sounds when pedestrians put change into the change cup of homeless, and that may attract people; Another thing is that most of people will pay more attention and sympathy to homeless when they take pets like dogs or cats, or take a baby with them, that may be attract people, but I could not prepare babies and dogs for each. Then I was thinking about using sounds to replace the real objects, like barking, puppy sound and baby crying, that kind of audible to attract the attention of pedestrians, rather than visible objects. So I need do some primary research about what kind of sounds attract people most that can able to make them stop or arouse the sympathy of them, and that’s much more funny. What’s more, one more thing I need to do is, do homeless really need social? Although, I think so, as a kind of tribe, they need talk and social, but I am not really sure if they really like social with us, with pedestrians? Further more, with a wider context, I am going to explore what kind of things attract the attention of human most, audible or visible? or something else? That’s what I’m doing so far.  : )

Social Things#2— prototype1

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