Research/Proposal_03-Formulating a Research Question

Why people, especially travellers will touch those ancient objects to get lucky after hearing some legendary stories about them?

Why people believe touch ancient objects can bring something like good lucky or bad lucky to them?

How to connect haptic with these strange ancient objects and the security of human, and put them into interaction design?

With that kind of curiosity, do these guys have some different or special behaviour than other people who never believe that?

What kind of feeling these people have when they touching those ancient objects?

Do these people really faith in these ancient objects? How they faith in that? If they believe that, what kind of things make people believe that? If they not, why they are not believe that but with a kind of believe behaviour(touch them)? 

What kind of mental activity of these people when touching ancient objects?

What kind of sense of touch of material, shapes and temperature? What the influence of these physical factors for psychology and activity of human?

What is the power of the myth and superstition that influence the belief, psychology and behaviour of human?

What is the power for human touching objects in the past and what is the power of touching?

This project will refer to the fields of haptic, tactile and treat to the touch, physical computing, pata-physics, the psychology of security with behaviour of human, belief and faith, sense of touch of material, shapes and temperature, the influence of legendary histories and rumours or artificial things like monuments for psychology and behaviour of human, the influence of atmosphere and environment for touching, empathy

Haptic, psychology physical computing include pata-physics and user experience are wider context for research. Faith is another thing that impact on my work. It is really difficult making audience believe your project with pata-physics.

Lots of people believe these ancient objects will bring good lucky when touching them. It is a really interesting thing that we have no idea to illustrate that is real or not, but we do, we trust and try to touch. I am really curious the feeling of people when touching them. That needs me doing some primary research. With wider context of this project, I think it goes back to user experience and empathy, cause people with their expectation and emotion with these objects when touching them. So I need do more research and think about how to make this project with wider context.

Research/Proposal_03-Formulating a Research Question

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