SD project research and feedback from Nidih and Dele

Nidih listened tutorial of Tobias for pigeon project and gave me inspiration about her experience. For three different situations here with three types of behaviors between human and pigeon, first, its in a small park, with sunshine and breeze, a bench and several pigeons, human enjoy the sunshine, read a piece of newspaper with a relaxing mode, and most important, they feed pigeons; the second, at a public square, here is a big group of pigeons flying and poop out everywhere, pedestrian just waving hands to them ‘fucking away’. Last one is a really interesting phenomenon, at the pond of hype park, many people feed beautiful swans and duck with fish or bread, but no people feed pigeons, even though pigeons walking around these feeders all the time. Its quiet interesting that the relationship between pigeons and human could be change in different situations. For know more about it, I visited hyde park and interviewed 6 groups of feeders at round pond and the Serpentine, which are two places that have swans, pigeons and water. It is so cold that I only found groups of feeders at round pond.

First group is a pair of youngsters, I saw they feeding pigeons and ask them why they love pigeons and if they can get benefit from those pigeons, what do they want. They told me they dont hate pigeons but not love them too much and they are travellers from Spain so they could only understand a little bit English but not too much…But I can not speak Spanish so I just give wishes to them ‘enjoy your time’.——fail

About the second group, which is a couple of Muslim, they told me they come here weekly and bring some past due food for birds. First, they usually stay at a square of grassland and waiting for pigeons, specializing for pigeons, feed them bread or pancake. When I ask them if they think about past due food is bad for pigeons health, they said its not bad for pigeons. After that, they will go to the side of pond feeding other birds that avoiding fighting for food between pigeons and other birds. Because of religion, they are Muslim, they could not waste food, birds need food, homeless need food, thats why they store overdue food in a blanket and supply for others. What is more, they love pigeons, and their children as well. Their children play with pigeons so happy and enjoy the time when massive pigeons flying around them.———————-success?

Then I walk to The Serpentine finding more groups, on the way, I saw a feeder only feed five parrots but pigeons around him. I thought these parrots are his own, but I was wrong. Then I ask him why not feed pigeons. He said he dont like them. ‘Why?’ ‘If I feed one pigeon, it will have another group of pigeons come here maybe 20 or 30’ ‘whatever?”I dont like them…..’ Oh my god, impatiently guy….————–fail

to be continued, Im so hungry..I cant wait for dinner………..come back, after ate 4 plates of food, I am so full, why I have such a f**king stomach like man’s.

At the side of The Serpentine, I found the fourth group with three person, they were feeding pigeons! Pigeons! I was so surprised the food, its not bread or cupcakes these human food, but frumentum. I told one of them I am doing a university survey about pigeons and asked some questions. She told me she is a londoner and she love pigeons so much, further more, not only her, whole of her family are pigeons lovers. She comes to The Serpentine twice a month, and bought pigeons food in pet shops. Its already become their rutin. She said some people only feed some human food for them but its bad for their health. About feeding other birds, she will feed other food for swans but not frumentum, frumentum is special for pigeons. Comparing other birds, she dislikes swan a little bit because swans hurt pigeons when they fighting for food, and that may make pigeons lost their nails. Pigeons also hurt partners, especial male hurt female pigeons for fighting food. Every time when she feed pigeons, she always takes some photos for pigeons, actually, its not for posting on facebook or show off her life on weekend, its only because pigeons are really beautiful. The colours of feather on pigeons neck, green and purple, is really beautiful within sunshine.———success

About the fifth group, I was really shocked. It a pair of father and son, when I asked why he doesnt feed pigeons, he replyed: ‘You can feed more ….’ and went away. …..Soooo rude…——fail.

The last group is a pair of seniors, they told me pigeons are vermin like rat. But I cant understand the meaning of vermin at that point, so they just explain it as ‘personally reason’ and went away. —–fail.


to be continued, Im so hungry..I cant wait for dinner

SD project research and feedback from Nidih and Dele

tutorial of Tobias revell for SD project reflection

My topic of speculative design project is about pigeons, London pigeons, as a kind of urban animals, have lots of problems on it. I have to say, not all but most of londoners dont like them and dont care about them even hate them, they walk at anywhere, with bad smell, poop out everywhere…but, from my point of view, pigeons have much more functions that humans not, like they have wings that can flying, have more broader sight of view than human, thats why they could not extinct. Thats the point why I am going to make a country of pigeons. About the eco-system of pigeons, heres only pigeon as the centre of world, thats post-anthropoence, thats pigeoncentric, everything cater for pigeons, I think its the best way to protect them. Tobias led me to another direction that find a new way making pigeons and human having good relationship with each other. How to balance the relationship between pigeons and other creatures and find some value of pigeons for other things. Here is a example: PIGEONS WASHING THE CITY: DESIGN AND SCIENCE. Its about fed pigeons to alter the birds’ digestive processes that cleasing the city. Its a really good project but it still cater for human and back to anthropocene, that is why I still confused about why I need to find or create functions of pigeons benefit for humans.

tutorial of Tobias revell for SD project reflection

collaborative project research 01 reflection

I talked to Nicolas with my friction project last Wednesday, actually, before that, I’ve already prepared giving up friction topic to ‘making things move’, cause the original idea is that ‘testing your index of friction of fingerprint’, and use it like a label of each person. But Dr. Roland said, though, from the concept, each finger has its special index of friction, but its a slight range that we could not recognise…How can I continued? Nic said I need define what is friction? High friction? low friction? No friction? And try to make a sense of feeling of different fibre, different materials, you touch them, feel the friction of each thing and define the level of friction, and a kind of method inspired me that ‘latch the method’ which has five elements—Location, Alphabet, Time, Category and Hierarchy using for managing and organising information. Let me take photos of fingerprint of each finger, organise them as Japanese fingerprints, Chinese fingerprints, British fingerprints….like another word, make a collection of fingerprint of Interaction design Communication classmates. Talking to them about my project and get feedback and comment from….sorry to be continued…

collaborative project research 01 reflection

From ‘Make things moving’ to ‘Make sounds visible and tangible’

Sounds live in daily life and move to anywhere, but we can not see them. How to make it visible? ‘Making things see’, sorry, I’ve not read through it, but we can guess the content of this book, its really interesting. Before I live in London, in my hometown, infographic is really hot, it also has a chinese name ‘making information visible’, and the main idea is that collect massive data, analyse, separate to groups, and collaborate with pattern to come out. So, how about sounds? How to define them with pattern and how to express?

I remembered on the class of physics in secondary school, we made some physics experiments about how to make two things get the same frequency of vibrate— vibration and resonance (here I just focus on sounds and frequency). With our tutor’s help, we hang a small ping-pang ball beside one of iron prongs with ‘U’ shape, knock another prong, then, you can see ball jumped. The more power knock, the sounds louder, the further ball jump. Thus I think it may a good way using the length of distance the ball jumped to define the level of sounds and making it visible.

屏幕快照 2016-02-24 09.29.40.pngThen, I think about how to make things change with different sound by themselves. What things have this function in our nature? 1)It must be flexible with the nature power, like gas, paper, plastic, liquid, light solid… 2)it must be visible, (visible and flexible, visible and flexible, visible and flexible….its so important thus repeat three times)gas with colour? like the piece of installation by artist Ann Veronica Janssens at welcome gallery?…How about the pattern of them with different sounds? I remembered the patten of liquid, like water, could be changed with different frequency of sounds…because of motion of molecule has been changed…

the experiment of forced vibration and resonance


Here is the exhibition of the installation by Ann Veronica Janssens.

Here also have some experiments about visible sounds.

Cymatic pattern of water and sweat with different frequency of sound

small plastic ball running with sound

salt particle moving with sound

After these experiment, I am going to make a installation that could collect sounds from the nature, our daily life, like steps, automatic machines, engines, like that, for the different frequency through a sensor which could do, and test massive materials and with a whole sound, how many patterns the things would be come out.

From ‘Make things moving’ to ‘Make sounds visible and tangible’

Collaborative Proj Research 02


First, I am going to share a short video I saw on Facebook last year, it is a creative advertisement for public, for more street safety—a dancing model people traffic light, and it arouses so many audience and brings laughing to them, what is more important, makes waiting time funny and not too boring anymore.

屏幕快照 2016-02-22 18.43.25.png

Here is another movement things—-sand and water floating



Collaborative Proj Research 02

Collaborative Project Research 01

Firstly, I am going to collaborate with physics and study something about fingerprints, not about visualisation but friction. Because of interests, I never testing the figure of friction of my fingerprint. What is more, there is no two fingerprints totally same with each other. From this point, each fingerprint is unique, as well as its friction.

Nowadays, the usability of fingerprint is on identity most. Could I use the unique feature on other area, for instance, use friction as a label of each each person? Thus,with strong curiosity, I prefer exploring on its friction and use it in wider context.

Here is some artworks about fingerprints.

I noticed a piece of news, it said that a doctor of School of Biological, Biomedical and Environmental Sciences in University of Hull, Roland Ennos, who had already made a machine that can calculate the figure of friction of fingerprints with different pressure. Then I emailed him and asked about the machine he made, the purpose of he studied friction of fingerprint, is it for speculative design-like people could be climb the wall with special fingerprint? And I know here is no two fingerprint totally same with each other, so is that means each finger has it’s index of friction and is it a reality?

Luckily, he replied. He did research to ask why do humans have fingerprints, only for interest’s but not for design biomimetic devices. The machine to measure fingerprint friction was a modified universal mechanical tester, but not continued to next stage and moved to other things because of no funding. ‘Although all fingerprints are indeed different (but so is everything about our bodies), but they all show similar patterns and overall “design” so there is little chance different fingerprints would have different coefficients of friction; it varies so much with moisture, texture, load etc that there is no definitive index of friction for any finger.’ He said.

So I need find a new way or change the theme of my proj……


Collaborative Project Research 01